Flower Seeds
Flower Seeds


Make every moment gleeful with Vibrant Flowers.

Having a floral garden has various advantages. Flower planting, care, and growth is a simple act of kindness that may assist any person in a number of manners. Only with a little soil, seedlings, and energy, growing flowers can provide educational,, cultural, ecological, and medical advantages. Through the ecological benefits of gardens to the enjoyment of learning to cultivate, flower planting is tremendously rewarding. Additionally, the appearance of flowers in the surroundings is obviously beneficial to butterflies and other creatures. Flower nectar is extremely beneficial to bees and small birds. Birds consume the fruits and vegetables once the blossoms have grown into seed.



‘Whatever you sow, so may you receive,’ goes a traditional saying, and this is notably relevant when it relates to the veggies you eat. Chemical-free natural vegetable seeds provide superior nourishment.

The seedlings also give the veggie a richness and colour that traditional veggies miss. Plus, there’s more, you may easily cultivate your own fresh vegetables at home.


Herbs have medicinal properties that can aid with problems like indigestion, insomnia and many other health issues.

With a little care, herb seeds can be grown in vases and boxes on a windowsill indoors or outdoors.



For organic garden, you’ll need are our microgreen seeds. They’re both effective and high-quality. Microgreens are simple to raise and require few materials. As a result, you may produce plants in your backyard or on your balcony with ease.

Micro green Seeds can even flourish inside if there is enough diffused intense illumination. Because they’d be nutritious if we are using our microgreen seeds.

Microgreens are a type of vegetable green which are used as a nutritional complement for consistency and flavour enrichment; as a result, you can use our microgreen seeds to grow microgreens for seasoning meals or other dishes.

Microgreens also add beauty and pleasant energy to your environment. Our mission at Greenverse is to connect individuals to ecology.

Pots & Grow Bags

Greenverse has a perfect the thing for you. Our grow bags are convenient to pack, and their fabric stuff includes good drains at the bottom, prevents over-watering.

These grow bags are suitable for the cultivation houseplants in a sensible method because they are strong and long. What else is there to say? They can endure for more than five years if properly cared for.

They may be transferred to almost any location because of their light weight.. You can always relocate these cultivation bags to a suitable environment if you’re still not content with the system startup.

Grow bags can be kept on the rooftop or in the lawn. You can, though, grow any vegetation in any other open spaces.


Why to Choose Us ?

Greenverse is a Green Universe.

We do not only offer you premium seeds but help you make a fairy garden that flourishes and give freshness to your soul. Being a young organization, we are dedicated to making this globe a better and greener place.

Whether indoors or out, we build greenery. With tailored gardening solutions, we would like to transform the modern paradise. We consider homes a fresher and more healthy ecosystem. We  open urban spaces into food gardens as part of our Grown Farms effort to reduce food miles and promote community gardening principles.

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